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If you are new to the world of online sports betting or considering joining on this ever growing community, you need to understand the process, terminology, options and many other things to make it a successful run. Sports betting is extremely thrilling; especially when you start making big winnings!

Over the past few yearssports betting has grown immensely with online sports betting becoming the preferred mediums of doing so. So if you want to begin sports betting the first thing you need to do is join in with an online sports betting platform that offers you everything you need. Top betting sites are listed on Betting Offers Today website.

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We offer beginners and experienced betting enthusiasts, a comprehensive platform to maximize winnings from your initial signup bonus. You get a lot of insight, and expert guidance to make the best of your betting experience.

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You may have heard of the term ‘betting line’ but may not know how to decode it or use it to your advantage. It’s simple when you see a – sign next to a number, for example -4, it implies that this particular team is favored to win by 4 points and is called the matchup.

The final number at the end of the betting line is the expected total points to be scored by both teams together. You can now proceed to bet on the matchup; either -4 or +4. If you bet on -4 then the team must win by more than 4 points for you to make it a winning bet. If you bet on +4 then the team must either win or lose by less than 4 points for you to make it a winning bet.

If by any chance the final outcome is the number itself, then it’s a no win no lose situation, called a ‘Push’, and your initial betting amount is refunded.  

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Let’s keep this as the first learning in sports betting. This is the most basic and as a beginner you can start with betting on the matchup. Betting Offers Today can make it an even better experience by offering you new sign up bonuses and a lot of free bets to get you started.

Our platform is great for beginners as the steps to claim your free bets are easy to claim when signing up to your chosen bookie. In no time you can become a betting expert. There are so many bookmakers in the UK and a lot of them only operate online. We put in our time and effort to narrow down the process of finding the right bookmakers for you. We provide betting offers from only the UK’s leading bookmakers. 

Booking Offers Today has become one of the largest platforms for online sports betting signup bonuses with thousands of pounds in free bets, the best of bookmakers offering the best odds and sports betting. Built over years of experience and trust, all betting sites have earned the reputation of being a top betting site. We welcome and refer beginners and provide them with all the help they need to make it a great start and even greater winning journey ahead. Lets get betting today 

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